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Egypt, can’t we just get along?

Recently Egypt has been in the news a lot because of the recent turmoil. Now, I’m not Anderson Cooper or Katie Couric, but I do know one thing-Egypt needs some serious peace. It may be my hippie upbringing or the … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Go Away, Save those pennies and play.

The old saying goes, save your pennies for another day. In modern day, that loosely translates to stop spending money on booze and food, and start saving for books or the light bill. I recently broke that rule by buying … Continue reading

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Tiffany’s and Cookies

Breakfast at Tiffany’s always seems to be synonymous with Oreos with peanut butter and milk. The reason why: love movies and eating always make people feel better, even if it means doubling cardio the next day. So when one has … Continue reading

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Why so serious?

Workaholic: The term usually correlated with people who work all the time; for different reasons, mostly because there is some sort of gap in their lives or they just don’t like their lives and work is the best place to … Continue reading

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Jersey Legs and Critics

So I must have, to quote Meryl Streep from “The Devil Wears Prada”, fallen down and smacked my little head on the pavement when I was getting dressed the other day. No, i did not fall over my shoes for … Continue reading

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