Ten Commandments of happiness

Today I’m dedicating this blog to my gorgeous friends who are almost nauseatingly optimistic, and particularly Brittany Wells, Happy 20th darling.

So here it is, ten commandments of happiness:

1. Thou shall always smile: it has been proven that smiling automatically relaxes the muscles in the mouth and besides you look gorgeous when you smile.

2: Thou shall be kinder: being nice to people makes others like you, which automatically makes thou feel better.

3: Thou shall not bring in negative aspects to thy life: this should include smoking, negative people, or other detrimental things.

4. Thou shall eat: food is ALWAYS good,especially if marinated, sautéed,or other wise cooked in butter.

5. Thou shall sleep: sleep deprivation makes thy not pretty and grouchy.

6. Thou shall like thyself: so this means enough with the body-bashing language, such as the oh-I-hate-my….stop it. It’s negative. Stop.

7. Thou shall illuminate life with fun: this includes music, tv, the Internet, newspaper. How many happy hermits do you know? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

8. Thou shall add color in thy life: color equals happiness. Even when wearing black, include some color.

9. Thou shall enjoy the finer things in life: yes, it’s OK to listen to Mozart or Bach while drinking wine and eating chocolate.

10. Thou shall indulge every now and then: It’s ok, to buy those slingbacks as long as you pay the rent first.


About annieweldon

Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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