Love thyself, non-manipulated.

Today in my Mass Comm class we talked about photo manipulation and the ethics of putting pictures in a publication.

Photoshop can erase pimples, make teeth whiter, make skin perfect and make someone skinny. However some publications take it a bit further, changing the entire look of someone.

What does this do to a woman’s self-esteem in this age? It diminishes our feelings, and makes us feel less than.

What we fail to realize though, is that we are already perfect, in our own imperfect way. So, while Vogue and Cosmo may publish those photos, we must remember that no one actually looks like that.

I am not bashing the fashion industry by any means. They are not telling you that this is what you have to be. They are simply telling you, this is what those girls and guys in that industry look like after a long process of manipulation.

So, please girls remember no one is perfect, not even Kate Moss. We are all amazing in our way.


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Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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