Spring Break-the smart way

Spring Break: a whole week of partying, sunning and all over relaxation. Or, if you’re like me(that’s a negative) you spend this “break” working and interviewing for summer jobs.

Ok, enough ranting. Here is my guide to Spring Break. A way to spend it on a beach and not get totally wasted (especially if underage), have a great time and not get sunburnt.

1. You can have fun without drinking, partying way too much and being that girl. You know, the one that everyone remembers and not in a good way. Think about the consequences before you allow yourself to be tipped upside down to guzzle beer out of that thing with a funnel.

2. Wear sunscreen. No, seriously. I know I sound like your mother here, but do you really want skin cancer at 25? I didn’t think so. As for tan lines, smaller chested ladies can wear a bandeau top- problem solved. And for those of us who are a little more say, voluptuous, wear a halter and tie the top straps on the side. Or, wear a one piece(monokini for the oomph factor) with a strapless top.

3. Please for the love of all that is holy, do not participate in those trashy wet tee-shirt contests or any other degrading events. You really don’t want to be on wildest spring break moments.

4. Pack a mini emergency kit to take on the beach. Why do you need anything other than your towel, ipod/book, sunscreen and a large sun hat? Because accidents happen, if not to you than to other people. Take it from someone who is overly cautious, emergency kits are always needed. So, here is a mini emergency kit: Band-Aids, mini bottle of hydrogen peroxide(it cleans EVERYTHING), extra ponytail holders, dry clothing, water, ace bandages, lip balm, mints, floss, clear nail polish(it stops rips), clear elastics (holds stuff together), and tampons (just in case). If you can’t figure out what all the stuff if for, just wait until something bad happens and McGuyver it.

5. How to look cute without getting a sunburn: Yes, you can wear something other than that skimpy bikini. If you want to cover up at the beach or when going out on the town, it is possible. Find an awesome hat. The big floppy ones are the best because they keep your face shaded and they’re cute and come in various colors. A sarong. OK, so it’s not 2004 but they are a big beach staple and can be versatile from day to night. Get a cute one, they’re usually cheap. These can be worn as skirts, a dress(unfold it all the way, wrap it around and tie in a knot on the top), or a one shouldered dress. You can also find super cute, cheap cover ups that tend to be light and are sold in practically every store. Sunglasses, especially if you have lightly colored eyes and for health reasons can be beneficial and cute. Find a pair that fits your face,(you should be able to blink comfortably)and doesn’t make you look like a bug.

6. How to amuse yourself on the beach, if your not going with a large group of people: bring your ipod, loaded with the newest music, a book (check the NY Times Best Sellers for the newest fiction, my favorite at the moment is Water for Elephants.) Bring a towel and a hat and don’t forget the sunscreen!

So, remember don’t have too much fun, wear sunscreen, don’t get wasted(you want to remember it) and lastly be smart and ahem, careful.


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Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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