Kate Middleton and Prince William, a true fairytale

Well, now that Spring Break is over and everyone has had time to recuperate, let’s focus on something much more important: The Royal Wedding of Catherine Middleton to Prince William.

There are officially four days until the wedding. So that means only a mere four days until the folks at Buckingham palace get to throw numerous fancy parties and four days until every designer gets to see and make replicas of Kate’s dress.

OK so here are the major points of this wedding and relationship.

1. The Dress. Back in 1981 Princess Diana of Wales was married to Prince Charles. Diana’s dress was designed by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel and was in a word, the 80s. It was big and billowy. It also had a 25-foot train. Kate Middleton’s dress as was Diana’s will be what everyone wants to see. The moment she steps out of that car, there will sketches drawn, and computers working fast enough to get the dress mass produced and replicated as fast as possible. Royal Correspondents believe that Kate will go with something classic but also modern. It will fit her very well and will be modest, as the church this time is Westminster Abbey and conservativeness is key.

2. The relationship of William and Kate as opposed to Diana and Charles.
The relationship of Diana and Charles deteriorated quite quickly after the marriage and was over within five months after the ceremony. Diana was only 19 when she married, she was not prepared. Diana was already an aristocrat. She was very shy and reserved and was not ready for her relationship with Charles or her life to blow up in the tabloids. Prince Charles did not protect her the way he should have, he was always off on royal engagements and Diana was stuck in the castle. They got married for the main reason that Charles needed to get married and Diana happened to be a royal and available. Kate and William however have known each other for about a decade and have gotten to know each other’s likes, dislikes and other intimate details. Because of their tumultuous past, they understand and truly love each other. Kate has also been properly prepared. As a commoner, she has an understanding of the press, she is reserved, yes but in a relatable way. William wants to protect Kate from any sort of danger with the press, but he also let’s her be herself.

So, on Friday morning Kate Middleton will become Princess Catherine and the people of the world will have a new princess to admire and watch as she starts her royal life as the people’s princess.

* I’ll be watching, updating and fantasizing all day starting off by eating scones and drinking tea*

Have a very wonderful wedding week. Once again, congratulations to Kate and William, the new royal couple for a generation.


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