A fairytale come true: Will & Kate

Congratulations to Catherine Middleton and Prince William, or should I say: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, there was a wedding this morning.

That’s right: the marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William occurred today. While that means a holiday in England, us Americans had to go to work/school. However, I was still up at 3 a.m., yes I know it sounds crazy. I like fairytales. Anyway here’s a breakdown of what happened today.

9 a.m. (3 a.m. Louisiana time): the guests arrived. It was a morning ceremony in an England church, so all of the ladies wore hats/fascinators. My favorite hat was Carole Middleton’s or Victoria Beckham’s (thank you Philip Traecy). I sat up in my blanket obsessing over hats for two hours.

Oh and gotta mention Wills and Harry looked H-O-T in their uniforms

Pippa wore cream, not a traditional maid of honor color, but the Middleton’s are anything but that. She looked stunning anyway.

And the Queen, wore yellow. Gotta love those stylish Brits.

In the time leading up to the wedding I was also in awe of the greenery( big trees in Westminster Abbey).

All the while, every single person watching is waiting until Kate steps out of the car in the dress.

Let’s just say I had a minor conniption fit when she was in the car. I had a love-hate relationship with Kate, I must admit. Mainly because she has perfect hair and the Prince.
OK, anyway. I am now obsessed with Kate.

The time has come, 11:00 a.m. The dress.
Kate stepped out in the Sarah Burton design for McQueen. The dress was bridal white, nipped at the middle. Sweetheart neckline with lace overlay with a high collar, a bit of skin showing. There are sleeves, lace. The skirt is a sweep with a little longer than a cathedral train. It has appliqué on it. It’s a mix between ball gown and Aline. The veil is a little longer than the dress. The tiara is Cartier loaned from the Queen. No pressure there.

Kate made her way down the aisle. A four minute walk, mind you. She kept her composure impeccably. And then we get a cuteness alert: Kate and Wills getting their flirt on at the alter and Wills told Kate she looks beautiful.

We have some hymns sung, a reading by Kate’s brother, who has obviously memorized the reading.

Then we have more hymns. In a possibly English only fashion, the legal parts of the marriage are in the middle, not the end. The vows are so sweet. Kate and Wills didn’t say obey at all, very modern. Also you can really see the love in their eyes. And Kate didn’t pull a Diana, she got William’s names right, all four of them.

Then comes the ring. Only one, William’s not wearing one. Will had a bit of trouble getting it onto Kate’s finger. Ah, well slight wedding jitters. Plus, that ring has to be smaller than the engagement ring.

And finally going back down the aisle. Pippa as a maid of honor holds the train. The newly married Catherine literally glided down the aisle. She walked around the tomb of the unknown warrior, per Westminster Abbey tradition.

Catherine climbed into the carriage, like a princess, a transformation from a car. A nod to the modern sophistication of the couple. The carriage is the same one Diana and Charles rode in also. The couple made their way down the route to Buckingham Palace.

After minutes of waiting, the family( Kate, her parents, Pippa, the bridesmaids, Harry, William, Camilla, Charles and the Queen. Oh and a number of guards) steps onto the balcony.

Catherine and Will wave a bit. He asks her is she ready for the kiss and they smooch a bit. They both blush and look extremely giddy, how cute. They wave a bit longer, and a first on the balcony, a second kiss. This one is a bit more passionate and makes the happy couple even happier.

It was reported after they left the balcony, Wills and Catherine drove off in an Aston Martin with balloons on it. How posh. Oh and the little “p” on the car? Wills has his permit, how awesome, a joke from the Harry.

Once again, congratulations to the happy couple and may they enjoy their honeymoon or whatever those posh Brits do.

Kate Middleton will now be known as Catherine, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge.
And Wills will be Prince William of Wales, His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge.


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