Finals, Hell week, I hate this week. Regardless, here is how to not be a total crazy pants during finals week.

Or, LSU pizza girl…yeah you really really don’t want that to happen either…

Anyway. Here are 5 super simple tips to keep yourself sane and not throw a bag of chips or go jersey shore in a restaurant/to go place:

1. Sleep. Yeah I know, I know you have to pass Econ or whatever course you really need to pass to get your GPA up just a bit…or a lot… Stop not sleeping. It’s making you cranky and frankly, your friends don’t want to hear you bitch and moan ’cause your roommate stayed up late watching law and order on Hulu. Ok, I actually do like listening to my friends do that but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, put on the sleep mask and go to sleep and don’t study until the wee hours of the night.

2. Do. Not. Cram. Ok, I understand that glee and gossip girl and grey’s anatomy (oh hey there alliteration) (sorry grammar freak) are on during the week. You do not need to watch it right when it comes on. That is why God made Hulu and DVR. What’s more important, finding out if Santana finally fixed her lesbian prob or passing French 2. Yeah. Pretty sure Santana and her confusion can wait another week.

3. Stop drinking so much damn caffeine. Here’s why, from my own personal experience(I’ve done this…yeah..) Because when you talk to people you sound like this: heysoimsotiredbecauseimrunningoncoffeeiloveeecoffeeandigotnosleeepletsgotakefinalsok…
NOT COOL. No one wants to hear you talk like an overactive chipmunk. Plus my teeth are large so when I drink too much coffee I come off like this. Maybe slightly comically amusing if there is a drawing imagined.

4. Stop. Eating. So. Damn. Much. OK I know Spring Break is over and all and you no longer care about your silhouette( well I don’t at least) and are now stuffing thy face with chocolate and other fattening foods ’cause your too lazy too cook(in my defense canes is close and I can eat dove chocolates and study…no that doesn’t work…). Still eat something slightly healthy or god forbid get into snooki territory. Ugh.

5. For the love of God please don’t take an adderall (addy as you preppies call it) or some other drug meant to keep thy self awake if you do not have one of those problems. A few reasons actually: a) it makes you REALLY hyper, I’m talking jack russell territory here. I know this cause I have friends who’ve done this. I do not need to know if you spent 7+ hours reading the whole damn history text book the night before the final. Why? Because it’s EARLY. Also, unless I look slightly attractive that day(p.s. I’ve also had my coffee) do not talk to me. Mainly cause it took me a week and a half to read the same book and I will still get a lower grade than you(maybe). The point is- tone it down. simmer down. whatever the hell you wanna call it, cause guess what sister/brother/hommie(too far?) I just don’t care.

So, follow these simple long winded tips and I won’t smack you in the face with my paper or give you a mean look.


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Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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