Weddings and Oprah

Well, today is bittersweet. It’s Oprah’s last show, the end of a cultural era. But, on a happy note Kim Kardashian got engaged to Kris Humphreys, with a 20-caret ring. Anyone else hear the icebox breaking?

Happy Wedding Wednesday! And, Oprah looks stunning in pink for her last show, everyone is crying.

The People issue of Kim’s engagement comes out Friday. If you just cannot wait or need some happiness, check the E! story.

Also, here are some cheapie wedding dresses that made me really really want to have a wedding. Check out Glamour, my bible for affordable wedding dresses.

5 More Wedding Dresses You Can Buy Online–3 Less Than $1,000! Which Would You Wear?

This is my favorite:

Update on Oprah: It’s turned into the Church of Oprah: “Everyone has a calling.”

Back to weddings, I love weddings by the way.

Maybe, Kimmie can take some of this advice:

The 7 Worst Things You Can Do on the Morning of Your Wedding

So, lastly here’s a congratulations to Kim and Kris Humphrey’s

Now, back to Oprah.

So far she has quoted “The Color Purple” and “Jerry McGuire”.

Oprah is now talking about happiness and I feel like I’m in psychology again. Oprah as a therapist and a preacher anyone?

In a media move: the Harpo network and team will remain intact.

Just realized now, without the Oprah show, I won’t realize what authors are frauds (James Frey, that’s to you) or what actors are couch-jumping lovers.


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