A Cold in Summer.

Ok, you know how in those Emergen-C commercials the people look all enthusiastic to be re-booting their immune systems? Yeah here’s a news flash, they’re all a bunch of fakers when they drink it. The stuff tastes horrible, but in fact, it does boost your immune system. It just doesn’t cure a cold. At all. How do I know this? ‘Cause I took it and I still feel like death warmed up.

Here are just a few myths, facts and tips for when you’re sick.

MYTH: Emergen-C will not cure whatever you’ve got and I have a sniffly nose to prove it.

FACT: DayQuil will make you feel better and it will give you a second wind. Also, NyQuill will knock you stone-cold out: This is a fact because i was almost late to work I was so out.

MYTH: do not eat chocolate or dairy during this sickness. it will make the cold worse

FACT: OK, maybe it’s kind of both, I felt better cause I had chocolate but, I still feel like crap. So, maybe disregard that one…

MYTH: Spicy food will not cure the cold.

FACT: I’m not a doctor, but I know that when I was sick at LSU and I ate a spicy burrito from Salsaritas it kicked my sinus problem in the butt. Seriously though, their spicy food will wake you the f up and clear out whatever disease-ridden stuff you’ve got going on.

MYTH: Blowing your nose will make it better.

FACT: Maybe in the long run, but right now I look like Rudolph and it hurts and makes me dizzy. Not cool.

Lastly a few tips:

Stay away from infected children, and moms, don’t take your sick child shopping. That’s how I got sick and it’s lame.
Note to self: make sure to stay away from infected looking children.
Expert tip: some of them are sneaky and do NOT look sick.

Wash your hands really frequently. No, seriously, buy that big bottle at Sam’s or Costco, you know the one that’s about as tall as a computer screen; yeah that one. And while you’re at it, get a bunch of smaller ones too. Granted, the checkout girl might think you’re a freak, but at least you’re a healthy freak.

Change your sheets after you get over the sickness. You don’t want to get sick again do you? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Do all that stuff your doctor tells you too. He’s a professional, he probably knows. If he’s not and doesn’t, well, you might want to look into that.

Anyway, I’m going to go to sleep and hopefully I don’t feel like this in the morning.


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Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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