Hi! I work for Disney!

OK, so obviously I love interning more than school, sorry LSU. I say this because I am now doing my second internship with the happiest place on earth- Disney World! Now before you ask, no I’m not a princess (I’m not tall enough, however I’m seriously considering auditioning to be Alice or Chip/Dale.)

No, I work at The World of Disney in Downtown Disney- basically the Mecca of all things Disney.

Before I get all promo-happy let me just say, World of Disney is really big as is Downtown Disney. It’s pretty much a big area filled with shopping and dining from the not so expensive to the expensive-ish.

Anyway, Wednesday is my day off this week. With Disney we get two consecutive days off, so my weekend was Tuesday and Wednesday. So I spent my second day off in Downtown Disney. But, before you go, “ohmygosh she’s such a Disney freak…” (however, I wouldn’t disagree, actually that’s kind of a compliment) I had to return “The Aristocats” and pick up “Sleeping Beauty”. Yeah, I love Disney.

I went to Ghiradelli, and bought one of their yummy mocha freeze coffee drink things- delicious and cheap (yay discounts!) By the way, if you work for Disney it comes with stellar perks.

Next I went to World of Disney, I honestly just can’t stay away. Of course, thanks to the geniuses at Disney, I’m already absolutely obsessed with Disney princesses. So I bought two princess coloring books… I may have a problem…

So, let’s see beside my obsession with Disney and princesses… Oh yeah, Disney is really a great company to work for, they have amazing connections. I’ve been here for about 2 1/2 weeks and honestly while I miss LSU and football, I think this was a good idea.

So far, I’ve been to Magic Kingdom twice. Once was for my birthday with the best friend and it was magical…
Also went to Bongos for my birthday with my family and my best friend and her family. Their food is amazing and the Gloria Estefan look-a-like is pretty spot on. All in all, Bongos in Downtown Disney is a mega cool Cuban restaurant and I had the best 21st birthday ever.

No, seriously though, it was pretty amazing. I met Cinderella (and acted as if I was 7), Belle and Aurora(we totally curtsied to each other, awesomeness and obsession of princesses grew). I also received a princess autograph book with an official Mickey autograph pen.

The Mickey bar (a Nestle bar with vanilla ice cream in the shape of Mickey), the burrito and the Turkey Leg(felt like a barbarian, but so worth it) were all so good.

We also went on 90 percent of the rides (my favorites were the Peter Pan ride, I mean you fly over London! And the tea cups and It’s a Small World).

Also, we saw the Electrical Parade, coolest thing ever. But, my favorite part besides meeting the princesses was Wishes the fireworks show. First they light up the castle with all these lights and photos taken in the park and then the fireworks start. Let me just say, I’ve seen fireworks before and Wishes was just stunning(I was literally speechless).

Disney really really knows what they’re doing.

The second time I went with my friend Elliot, and we went on Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. We also went on Space Mountain. Sadly, there was torrential downpour and we left early. But it was still fun!

Most recently, I went to Epcot with my friend Emma and we went on Spaceship Earth, it’s really cool! We also saw Captain EO (it’s a really funny, weird Michael Jackson dance/space movie, and yes it’s 80s-fied.) She had to go to work, so we could only walk around a bit. I really want to go back and do Soarin’ and go to the World Showcase (They have Paris and England, cool ‘eh.)

So, that leaves Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Universal is not a Disney park, but they do have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so possibly.

Anyway, I’m going to go color in my princess coloring book, so I’ll keep y’all updated on my adventures in Disney since I’m here until January.


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