Disney at Christmas

So, update time. I have been to all four Disney parks multiple times. My favorite is a tie between Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Also, Epcot has Food and Wine going on, best thing since fast passes. I will be doing F&W on a $35 budget, I bet it’s totally possible; and I will not get smashed, as it is completely unladylike to do in daylight. OK, well I will be going to F&W if this cold I have goes away. Yeah, I’m sick again. And, no I don’t have Mexican food or chocolate. Fail.

Anyway, back to working for Disney. We are approaching holiday shopping season very quickly (We already have Christmas decorations up) and it’s getting INTENSE. I mean I know you’re tired from doing all four parks in one day(because I’ve done it and was passed out tired), but seriously calm it down and do not yell at us. I know you need to rant, that’s why you have a therapist on speed dial.

OK so kidding, we work for Disney and will do almost anything to make our guests happy. No, seriously.

So went kind of Disney crazy. We had our benefit sale (yay charity!) and I bought vintage Mickey and a blanket with my lovely 40 percent discount.

Also, seriously about to pass out from this cold, so I’m just gonna go to bed now.


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Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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