Happy Spring!

My my it’s been a while. Well the holidays were fun, I’m still missing Disney though. As in every time a Disney commercial comes on I get all giddy. Anyway, the Spring semester has started back up and I’ve got oodles of news.

1. I will be working as a social media intern for New Orleans magazine this summer! Basically I get to help the editor and go to all of these events, then tweet and blog about them! How exciting is that? Gosh I’m nerding out here.

2. I got my job back as a Gallery Assistant. It’s a good thing I stocked up on Moleskin notebooks…and coffee.

Well that’s about it for now. I’ll be blogging all week about New York Fashion Week that’s hash tag #NYFW for those of us twitter-savvy people.

No, I’m not in New York if you’re wondering: YouTube has this loveliness where they’ve paired up with Mercedes-Benz Fashion week so that those of not lucky enough to be in the fashion world can still view the shows.
Here’s the link:


See y’all soon. Going to catch the BCBG show.


About annieweldon

Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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