Fashion PSA: Y’all Need Help

There are a few things I love about living in New Orleans: the summer days are long and hot, Mardi Gras, sweet tea, crawfish, the acceptance of drinking anywhere and seersucker.

Being a southern girl I practically live in sundresses (sans cowboy boots, think flats, sandals or heels; I live in the city), tank tops, shorts (not Nike shorts, real ones) and anything linen.

Lately though I’ve seen so many fashion faux pas that I think it time for a little lesson.

Here are four tips to for dressing more Kate Middleton and less Miley Cyrus:

1. Please, please dress for the body you have, not the one you want. I know it’s hard to find clothing (trust me on this one. A girls body can be super hard to dress when she has no waist and large-ish upper half). I get that you like the dress you saw at J.Crew or whatever, but it’s not very attractive if your clothes don’t fit. Invest in a tailor if you have to or just buy the next size up.

2. Don’t wear neon during the day unless you’re going to do it right. No, day glow pink and highlighter yellow are not ok at 10 a.m. Try a nice blue or if you’re feeling bold a red or orange. I’d prefer not to blinded when I’m getting my morning coffee.

3. I do not want to see your bra, this is not the 90s. I don’t care if Miley Cyrus or Kate Moss show their undergarments. It’s trashy and not really appropriate for any situation except maybe a bedroom outfit. Also I get that sheer was all over the runways. People don’t actually dress like that in real life, and if they do I assure you they are wearing proper undergarments (such as camisoles, nude undergarments and slips).

4. Do not buy shoes if you cannot walk in them. I wince everytime I see a girl struggling in five plus inch heels. If you really want to wear high heels, start out little (about 2 1/2 inches) or if you can pull off a four-inch heel but want a little more try a platform, they’re easy to walk in because there’s more support. It’s unattractive if you can’t walk in your shoes.


About annieweldon

Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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