BTS: School Chic

So I’ve been on a little summer hiatus and I’m back, just in time for school.

When I was a kid, I loved shopping for notebooks, writing utensils, folders and accessories.

Now that I’m in my last few semesters at LSU, my shopping list has changed from primary needs to something more collegiate.

So to all those incoming freshman here is a DO and DON’T list so you can have a happy, stress free, normal year.

DO: dress appropriately for the situation. When I was a freshman, I had gone from an all-girls uniform wearing catholic school to an east coast teeny tiny preppy school. Think about the climate. In Louisiana we can wear shorts and a t-shirt to class until about October. In the north you’ll freeze if you go with that philosophy.

Secondly, dress for the situation. If you’re in classes all day, you want be comfortable; take note: not pajamas comfortable. This may be college, but I guarantee no one wants to talk to a slob. On that note: dress in office attire if you work in an office and have a class schedule and work. Wear your work clothing to class, but wear flats.

DON’T: Skip class. You, you’re parents or FAFSA are paying for you to get an education. Unless you are deathly ill, class is important. Also you can meet interesting people who share your interests once you start taking specialty classes. If that’s not enough of an incentive, let me break it down: no class=failing=no graduation=unemployed.

DO: Take a chance to explore or tour the campus before classes start if you’re new to campus. While exploring your school can be interesting and educational, there’s nothing worse than getting lost and missing class the first day.

DON’T: be that girl. You know who I’m talking about. There’s always a girl who goes to a frat party and gets a reputation. Control yourself. You have dignity, are smart and know your limits.

DO: Manage your time. You will have a lot to do. One: get a calendar. You will need it to write down social outings, school assignment due dates and work functions. Two: sleep. It will be your best friend. Three: schedule smartly. Take your time scheduling at the beginning of the semester. It will save you the headache later on.

Good luck kids.


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