Hurricane Season

Seven years ago, New Orleans was hit by Katrina. Since those seven years, we’ve rebuilt and prospered. And then, as if mother nature woke up and got mad this thing called Isaac hits. Now, at first we thought it would be just a tropical storm-a lot of rain, power outages and down trees. No that was not the case. Instead it turned into a category 1. All of us folks who decided to “hunker down” and ride it out felt a little dumb. However on a more somber note: we need to pray for those in Plaquamines Parish, LaPlace and Brathwhite. There was major flood damage in these areas.

Please, please be safe and for the remainder of this hurricane season here are some things to remember:

1. Get a generator, if the power goes out (it will) you will have a back up.

2. Stock up on water, flashlights or candles and batteries or a lighter. When the power goes off, water goes off or it becomes gross and you have to boil it. Drink bottled water. Also, in addition to the power going out, you won’t be able to see.

3. Buy dry foods. This means: fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), bread, peanut butter, and some snacks. Not to mention dry cereal bars such as Lara bars. When the power goes out don’t open the fridge, and you need to eat.

4. Learn how to entertain yourself. Luckily LSU is running on generators and I can hook up to the Internet. If you are not as lucky I suggest playing board games, reading or doing homework to entertain yourself. Chances are you will be stuck inside for a few days, make it worth your while.

5. Finally, listen to the National Weather advisory and stay inside. Hurricane winds are 75 mph and Tropical Storm winds are 50 mph. That’s really strong and really fast. It’s also hard to navigate. Don’t go outside unless absolutely necessary or unless you have someone (like a cop or security personnel) with you. Secondly, it’s flooding and dangerous.

Follow these simple tips and you will be just fine until the season ends.

On a lighter note: NYFW is coming. I will be watching and reporting.



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