24 Hour Cold: Fight It

Ahh the changing of the leaves, Christmas music being played way too early and of course temperature changes, all of these are things I love about the week after Halloween. However, in Louisiana the weather seems to be ever changing (one day it’s 90 degrees, the next it’s 60). A cold, therefore is inevitable.

Here are just a few ways to combat a cold in 24 hours (if you are busy, and have a test and two papers, getting sick is not exactly on the schedule).

1. Buy the drugstore brand DayQuil and NyQuil. It costs about half as much and works just as well. Take the NyQuil only if you want to fall asleep. This may seem like common knowledge but honestly that stuff is strong and it will knock you out.

2. Make sure you have soup. My favorite is chicken noodle with goldfish. Eat it and you will feel better. On that note, seriously eat what you want because you don’t feel like cooking anything. Just take the medicine and you’ll be fine.

3. Drink a lot of water, as in a whole Brita pitcher. You need to stay hydrated. No, I don’t know why. I just asked my friend in nursing school and she recommended water.

4. Do make sure you have your priorities in line. I rescheduled my biology test so I could recover. Make sure any thing that you would miss, you tell your teacher you feel like death. They will (maybe) understand. On that note, be responsible. If you can’t go to class make sure you get everything you missed. Once you feel fine, the sympathy goes away and the work you missed is excepted.

5. SLEEP. I know, I know, before you got sick you stayed up late working on that paper. Well guess what? Your body needs sleep because your immune system is battling something. Do you think King Arthur went into battle without sleep? Maybe, I don’t know. But probably not. The same principle goes for your body. In order to recover/fight you need rest. Also, just think about all the glorious sleep.


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