Stress Free Finals Week

It’s officially finals week and dead week. This is usually when rational disappears and is replaced by stress, late nights, unhealthy eating and sheer panic.

But fear not collegians, as a veteran finals taker I am here to help and make finals less stressful.

DO: sleep. I know, you really want to ace that geology test or whatever you need to ace to pass. You also need sleep to succeed. It’s simple: if you get enough sleep, your brain remembers more; if you don’t, you may blank
during the exam. Go to sleep at a reasonable time(think by midnight) and wake up early enough. For all my vain kids out there: sleep makes you pretty and diminishes the chance of wrinkles. Lastly: you’re grumpy when you don’t sleep and no one wants to talk to a Mean Mindy.

DON’T: eat unhealthy foods. Food is fuel, if you put junk in your tank, your car (brain and body) won’t function and will break down. Eat healthy and you will do well. Your brain and body will thank you.

DO: study. This may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many students wait until the last minute and then panic. Study with your roommates, friends or alone. Some tips for studying:
1. Make sure you’re organized. There is nothing worse than not being able to find that one page of notes.

2. If you need quiet or music, create it. Go to the quiet floor of the library. Personally I like the listen to classical music.

3. Snack on brain foods: pistachios, peanut butter and apples, Greek yogurt and berries. Basically anything with protein, popcorn works too.

DON’T: panic. Everything will be fine. Just do as well as possible. Remember, Christmas comes after finals, and with the winter break comes sleep and the thought of catching up on Netflix.

If none of this helps, here’s some puppies exercising:

Good luck


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