Finals Week Survival Short List

So I’ve sort of been on hiatus all semester thanks to school and work. Follow me on Twitter HERE: for more up-to-date info

Anyway, so as I go into finals week and after that the holidays (Missed Halloween, was writing a paper) there will be a few new posts.

I’ve also decided to start using GIFs because it’s a lot of fun. Thank Buzzfeed.

Here are some tips on surviving finals:

1. SLEEP. It is so beneficial to sleep, plus you’ll look gorgeous whilst taking a final if you sleep. Just don’t rely too much on caffeine or you’ll turn into this:

Buzzfeed Peter Pan GIF

or this:

Buzzfeed Gilmore Girls GIF

2. Actually Study. I know, finals and studying are boring and you’d rather watch Netflix all day (binge watching everything. amiright?) But seriously, try. Unless you’re a senior. JK.

Because if you don’t it’s kind of like,

Buzzfeed HP GIF

And no one wants that.

3. You should probably eat healthy too, just for that one week. It’s been said that if you eat like this:

Buzzfeed Spongebob GIF

You will most likely feel this during studying:

Buzzfeed Anchorman GIF

So remember: 3 steps: Sleep. Study. Eat Right.

So in conclusion:

Buzzfeed Hunger Games Meme

*All gifs and memes from Buzzfeed Community posts


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