Back to School Shopping: Post-Grad Style

So it’s kind of awkward when you want to go back to school shopping when you don’t go to school anymore. But don’t worry post-grads, you can still totally shop for desk supplies that are mega cute and age appropriate.

Start off with an awesome USB to hold all of that work.
This one from Lexar is inexpensive and comes from Target in various colors.



Get it HERE:

So everyone I know uses their calendar on their phone but if you want a little more organization for your busy life, get a planner. Mine is from Johnathon Adler and it’s pretty and functional.


On sale!

A trusty travel mug is always great for tea or coffee, especially an insulated one for when the temperatures start to drop.


It’s from Keurig and it’s spill proof, perfect for klutzy people like myself:

Lastly get a bag for everything including an extra sweater for cold offices and a pair of flats to save your feet if you commute


This one from Forever 21 is cute and professional looking, not mention it’s totally affordable:

Bring your a-game post grads, next week I’ll let y’all know how to dress the part.

Good luck!

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Fashion and coffee addict. Media lover. Always a New Orleanian but an avid traveler.
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