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The Broke Girls Guide to Summer: 10 Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans can be insanely inexpensive, but only if you have the insider’s guide. Here are 10 things to do in the city for FREE or SUPER CHEAP: 1. Get out of the heat (temps reach up to the triple … Continue reading

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Pinterest: Your New Addiction

OK, so I know I promised an update on NYFW, but YouTube took them down. But, don’t despair because there’s something much more universally known: Pinterest. What is Pinterest you say? Well darling come out from that carnival induced hangover … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras 2012

Ok so first off I want to say sorry about the abrupt stop to Fashion Week, I will write about a culmination of shows by the end of this week. The sudden need to stop was brought on by something … Continue reading

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Hi! I work for Disney!

OK, so obviously I love interning more than school, sorry LSU. I say this because I am now doing my second internship with the happiest place on earth- Disney World! Now before you ask, no I’m not a princess (I’m … Continue reading

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A Cold in Summer.

Ok, you know how in those Emergen-C commercials the people look all enthusiastic to be re-booting their immune systems? Yeah here’s a news flash, they’re all a bunch of fakers when they drink it. The stuff tastes horrible, but in … Continue reading

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Summer Time and the Living is Easy…

Finals are over (for most us, at least), it’s 85+ degrees outside and I found the perfect white dress. It’s officially summer 2011.  Now, as I live in Louisiana, I may complain about it.  But, I love summer for two … Continue reading

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Finals, Hell week, I hate this week. Regardless, here is how to not be a total crazy pants during finals week. Or, LSU pizza girl…yeah you really really don’t want that to happen either… Anyway. Here are 5 super simple … Continue reading

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