Back to School Shopping: Post-Grad Style

So it’s kind of awkward when you want to go back to school shopping when you don’t go to school anymore. But don’t worry post-grads, you can still totally shop for desk supplies that are mega cute and age appropriate.

Start off with an awesome USB to hold all of that work.
This one from Lexar is inexpensive and comes from Target in various colors.



Get it HERE:

So everyone I know uses their calendar on their phone but if you want a little more organization for your busy life, get a planner. Mine is from Johnathon Adler and it’s pretty and functional.


On sale!

A trusty travel mug is always great for tea or coffee, especially an insulated one for when the temperatures start to drop.


It’s from Keurig and it’s spill proof, perfect for klutzy people like myself:

Lastly get a bag for everything including an extra sweater for cold offices and a pair of flats to save your feet if you commute


This one from Forever 21 is cute and professional looking, not mention it’s totally affordable:

Bring your a-game post grads, next week I’ll let y’all know how to dress the part.

Good luck!

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Hey y’all sorry I’ve been M.I.A. but I can gladly say I am a newly minted LSU graduate with an English Lit degree! So here are a few things that people ask when you say you were an English major and are trying to find a job:

1. Are you going to be a teacher?


What you want to reply:


What you actually reply:


NO. Not all English majors want to teach. Some of us want to write.

2. So if you want to write, have you found a job yet?


No, I literally just graduated. I work in retail. Get over it.

3. But, why?

Because I got to do this in college:


While you most likely did this:


So for now I am totally enjoying my summer by sleeping:




And oh, wait DATING. That’s right y’all the perpetually single girl is FINALLY dating.


So here’s to a great summer, courtesy of Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast”


I’ll be updating throughout the summer. Stay tuned… Check out my twitter for updates: 

*All GIFS from Buzzfeed


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An Enchanted Guide to Finals with Disney GIFS

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Finals Week Survival Short List

So I’ve sort of been on hiatus all semester thanks to school and work. Follow me on Twitter HERE: for more up-to-date info

Anyway, so as I go into finals week and after that the holidays (Missed Halloween, was writing a paper) there will be a few new posts.

I’ve also decided to start using GIFs because it’s a lot of fun. Thank Buzzfeed.

Here are some tips on surviving finals:

1. SLEEP. It is so beneficial to sleep, plus you’ll look gorgeous whilst taking a final if you sleep. Just don’t rely too much on caffeine or you’ll turn into this:

Buzzfeed Peter Pan GIF

or this:

Buzzfeed Gilmore Girls GIF

2. Actually Study. I know, finals and studying are boring and you’d rather watch Netflix all day (binge watching everything. amiright?) But seriously, try. Unless you’re a senior. JK.

Because if you don’t it’s kind of like,

Buzzfeed HP GIF

And no one wants that.

3. You should probably eat healthy too, just for that one week. It’s been said that if you eat like this:

Buzzfeed Spongebob GIF

You will most likely feel this during studying:

Buzzfeed Anchorman GIF

So remember: 3 steps: Sleep. Study. Eat Right.

So in conclusion:

Buzzfeed Hunger Games Meme

*All gifs and memes from Buzzfeed Community posts

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Fashion School, Dress for Success

Well I hope everyone had a good summer, because now it’s back to the daily grind of school (ugh). But I’m a senior this year (finally)! With all the classes, events and maybe even social events students can forget how to manage time and their wardrobe simultaneously. 

Here are six easy tips to dressing like care about your education:

1. DON’T come to class in sweatpants, yoga pants are fine because they at least look like pants, but sweatpants say to the professor or TA that you really don’t care how you look and consequently don’t care about the class. And yes, teachers do notice students who put in effort both in class and how they look. 



Derek Blasberg Very Classy tramp photo

However, you don’t have to dress up too much, because 

a. It’s uncomfotable to strut around in heels and dress.

b. People will give you weird looks if you strut, you are not Beyonce. 


If you aren’t giving a presentation or going to an important meeting, dress casually. 

2. Casual and comfy do not mean leggings and an oversized t-shirt or nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Once again, you should not go out in pajamas. Unless you are working out immediatly before or after class, and most girls aren’t, wear normal clothes, like real shorts and a t-shirt. Ladies: leggings are not pants. Learn to understand that please. 



J Crew summer 2011 

3. DON’T wear something you would wear in the club, or anything neon. I don’t want to know what you partied in last night, mainly because it’s a Wednesday morning and no one should be wearing a tight sequined number, with last night’s make-up on at 9 a.m. Also, I don’t want to be blinded by your neon outfit. No one needs to see highlighter yellow at 9 a.m. 



American Apparel neon tank

4. DO dress like a respectable lady. This means covering everything up that would need to be covered up. Some rules: if you want to wear a short skirt (preferably not neon or sparkly, maybe a daytime fabric like a knit or cotton jersey), cover up your top and vice versa. The main rule is that you should not show your top, legs and back at the exact same time. 



Jolie and Elizabeth “Upperline” shirtdress

5. Listen to the greats and DON’T overaccessorize. Take off one piece of jewelry before you leave. As in don’t walk out with earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and  set of rings on. Take something off, you are not jewelry magpie, and if you are don’t let anyone know. 


6. Lastly, check youself before you wreck yourself. This means making sure you have an appropriate amount of make-up on before you leave the house. It should be a natural look in the daytime and a more fun look at night. Beware of the clown face and the two-tone neck. 

Stay tuned next week for NYFW coverage. 

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The Broke Girls Guide to Summer: 10 Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans can be insanely inexpensive, but only if you have the insider’s guide.

Here are 10 things to do in the city for FREE or SUPER CHEAP:

1. Get out of the heat (temps reach up to the triple digits in late june) and go to an art museum. NOMA, the New Orleans Museum of Art has free admission Wednesdays. For more information on current exhibits, upcoming exhibits, events and contact information go to

2. Discover the creole tomato at the New Orleans Creole Tomato Festival. June 8-9, the French Market hosts this delicious festival that gives locals and visitors a look inside one of the main vegetables in New Orleans. Along with cooking demonstrations, the festival will have live music, kids activities, and creole tomato dishes and other local goods for sale at the farmers market. For all information, including a map of the festival visit

3. Take in some free music almost anywhere in city, but the best spot so far is local and visitor favorite Frenchmen Street. Lined with music clubs that almost never charge cover listen to live music ranging from jazz to salsa at places like Blue Nile, Spotted Cat and Cafe Negril (slinging up delicious cheap mexican food late at night).

4. Also on Frenchman Street, a local art market Thursday through Sunday nights, 7 p.m.-1a.m. Local artists feature handmade jewelry, artwork and even feathered headbands. For information or to apply to sell art go to

5. Cool off by the pool Sundays during the summer at the W Hotel in downtown New Orleans. The W pool is open 11 a.m.-5 p.m. for WET, Adult Swim. Age: 21+. Lounge poolside and enjoy specialty cocktails, a live DJ, and snacks for FREE. Bottle service available in the private cabana. For more information or to book a cabana go to or call 504-207-5182.

6. Can’t get to San Fermin for the Running of the Bulls? No problem, New Orleans hosts their own version July 11-14th. San Fermin in Nueva Orleans (SFNO) pays homage to the famous Spanish event. In true New Orleans fashion, the “bulls” are New Orleans’ own Roller Derby Girls affectionately named the Big Easy Roller Girls. The event starts with a wine dinner at Bourbon Orleans and continues with a flamenco dancing, salsa eating pre-party the night before. Saturday, July 13 at 8 a.m. sharp the Running of the Bulls will take place. That 8 a.m. time too harsh? No worries, sangria is for sale on the streets. A few rules for the event for newbies: run at your own risk, wear tennis shoes, do not touch the bulls (they will hit you with their waffle bats and it kind of hurts too), if you are hit, stay down, do not stand still and children under ten on sidewalk. Dress code? all white with a red sash. It’s fun but be ready to run. Fast.

7. Explore your passions for cocktails at Tales of the Cocktail a festival with educational seminars, tastings, dinners and much more. July 17th-21st with free and ticketed events. Go to to volunteer or check out the events.

8. Bust out the white linen, because honestly, August in New Orleans is so hot you wouldn’t want to wear anything else. Whitney White Linen Night, August 3, celebrates the glamorous art galleries in New Orleans with tons of gallery openings. Enjoy art, local cuisine, cocktails and music up and down the blocks of Julia Street. There will also be an after-party at the Contemporary Arts Center. For more information check out for gallery info, food vendors and music closer to the event.

9. Don’t feel like keeping that linen clean? Check out Dirty Linen Night, one week after White Linen Night on Royal Street. Galleries will be serving dirty dishes (martinis, rice etc…) and live music and entertainment will be featured. Advice: wear black.

10. Finally, cool off with a little francophone love. The 15th annual French Film Fest, August 10-15, is hosted by the Prytania theater. The New Orleans Film Society and local French consulate hosts the event. All films are in French with English subtitles with the exception of Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Funny Face’. For screening info and festival info check out

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Jazz Fest 101

Well I’m back after living under the study-for-classes rock and it’s a good thing too because Jazz Fest starts today at 11 a.m.

Jazz Fest is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival which is basically a huge two week music festival with awesome bands, amazing food and cool crafts.

With festival season jus starting in New Orleans, here are some festival tips to ensure the grooviest time ever:

1. Bring essentials, but keep in mind regulations. Jazz Fest has rules such as no outside food or drinks, no coolers, etc… A full list can be viewed here: These essentials do include sunscreen, Louisiana is hot. On that note, make sure you have adequate sun protection, my favorite way is a big hat like this:

Topshop Hat  Image:

Topshop Hat

2. Make sure you are weather appropriate. New Orleans has a tendancy to be 85 degrees and sunny one day and 65 and pouring the next. Bring: A blanket/tarp that you can fold, wear rain boots if it’s going to rain or if it’s muddy, bring a poncho and a light jacket.

3. Also, wear comfy clothing. I usually opt for shorts and tank top. If that’s not your thing, wear a dress. Just remember, it’s an outdoor music festival in a sometimes muddy area. In short, don’t wear something that you car about.

4. Control the liquor intake. Heat and alcohol is not always a good combination. I understand that in New Orleans the tourits think it’s O.K. to drink copious amounts of alcohol. Hint: it’s not, and we judge you. Don’t get day drunk, no one wants to see that.

5. Finally, Jazz Fest is an ALL-AGES event, which means there will be children there. Conduct yourself in a respectable manner and you won’t get thrown out.

Fo the lineup and more go to the official Jazz Fest website:

Here’s a little preview of one of today’s headliners: Band of Horses:

Band of Horses – Knock Knock

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Mardi Gras, Carnival: NOLA Speak

Once again it’s Carnival time! That’s right, the widely misunderstood time that tourists refer to as Mardi Gras.

Let me just clear up a few facts:

1. The season is Carnival season, the actual day, Mardi Gras falls on a Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday.

2. The groups that ride are called Krewes, yes that’s how it’s spelled.

3. Most of the Krewes hold balls. They are formal or black tie. Some of the older Krewes have white tie and tails.

4. The ranking on a float is as such: King, Queen, Captain, Duke, Duchess, maids, junior maids and pages. The women are usually/almost always debutantes.

5. Carnival season begins on January 6, or Twelfth Night. Parades usually begin mid-January and go until early to mid-February.

Those are the 5 basic historical facts you need to know about Carnival. I will be back to update for NYFW and parade info.

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How to: Have the Best Semester Ever

Well, I’m back from my winter hiatus aka Winter Break. I spent my break working, partying and sleeping in. So basically nothing changed except going back to my home city of New Orleans.

It’s that wonderful time of year known as back to school for the Spring semester. It’s still cold but the good news is that spring and summer bring warm weather.

Until the sun shines and it’s a balmy 75 degrees again, here are some tips for staying sane, smart and chic during the weird almost Spring-but-not period of time known as winter:

1. Get organized now. No, I’m not kidding or tripping on too much espresso. I’m serious. The first week is crucial to learn about expectations and deadlines. Get organized and start preparing now because once May comes, you’ll need all the backup you can get.

2. Dress smart. Yes, as vain as it may sound, I religiously believe in the hypothesis that if you dress well, you will succeed. Don’t show up to class in sweatpants, teachers won’t take you seriously. I’m not saying to put on a suit or anything but some nice jeans and a pretty top with good shoes always works.

3. Stick to a sleep schedule. Thanks to winter break your sleep schedule probably got thrown off. Use the first few days to get back into a pattern. For example: I go to bed early and wake up early. Everyday. If you develop a steady sleep schedule, your body will thank you and you will do well in class because you’ve had enough sleep.

So set those alarm clocks/iPhones, update your wardrobe and get serious this semester.

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Stress Free Finals Week

It’s officially finals week and dead week. This is usually when rational disappears and is replaced by stress, late nights, unhealthy eating and sheer panic.

But fear not collegians, as a veteran finals taker I am here to help and make finals less stressful.

DO: sleep. I know, you really want to ace that geology test or whatever you need to ace to pass. You also need sleep to succeed. It’s simple: if you get enough sleep, your brain remembers more; if you don’t, you may blank
during the exam. Go to sleep at a reasonable time(think by midnight) and wake up early enough. For all my vain kids out there: sleep makes you pretty and diminishes the chance of wrinkles. Lastly: you’re grumpy when you don’t sleep and no one wants to talk to a Mean Mindy.

DON’T: eat unhealthy foods. Food is fuel, if you put junk in your tank, your car (brain and body) won’t function and will break down. Eat healthy and you will do well. Your brain and body will thank you.

DO: study. This may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many students wait until the last minute and then panic. Study with your roommates, friends or alone. Some tips for studying:
1. Make sure you’re organized. There is nothing worse than not being able to find that one page of notes.

2. If you need quiet or music, create it. Go to the quiet floor of the library. Personally I like the listen to classical music.

3. Snack on brain foods: pistachios, peanut butter and apples, Greek yogurt and berries. Basically anything with protein, popcorn works too.

DON’T: panic. Everything will be fine. Just do as well as possible. Remember, Christmas comes after finals, and with the winter break comes sleep and the thought of catching up on Netflix.

If none of this helps, here’s some puppies exercising:

Good luck

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